Tardy mention of the 10" wrap coming on board!

       I am just not good at all at blogging :(

I should have "blogged" last October that the 10" wrap had been manufactured and finally arrived!  It is actually 10.25" inner diameter so for those of you that have the 9" pans with the base that extends out beyond the collar to 10.25" diameter- you will need to order the 10" wrap,  Hope that helps!

Thank you all for your support & business- Happy Baking!



  • I have the 10" cheesecake bath and when its baking water is splashing up and is getting on top of the cheesecake itself. Why is this happening? Please email me.

    r jones
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  • I have 10" cheesecake pan that has an additional half inch lip on the base. Will the 10" pink silicone fit over this? And are you planning to make any larger sizes.
    I look forward to your answer!

    connie simmons

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