• Love not having to wrap those cake pans in foil.
    Cheesecakes are coming out lovelier than ever.

    Maxine Phylis Bennett
  • Hello Cheryl, I am a loyal repeat customer. I’m not even sure how I came upon your product. I am so glad I did. Your spatulas are one of the best I have every used and I have tried a lot. Oh by the way……I have removed all other spatulas from my kitchen. I gave my sister one as a gift, she was totally amazed. She liked them so much she gave all the ladies in her family one for Christmas. Now the cheesecake wrap, that is truly a wonderful product. I have both the 9 inch and the 10 inch. They bake my cheesecake to perfection. No crack on the top and the texture is smooth and creamy. The best part is not to worry that the batter is leaking out of my springform pan or that water might be seeping in. (no more tin foil) Thank you so much for these wonderful products.
    From one cheesecake lover to another,

    Joyce Reese
  • I purchased a group of your item a few years ago and I received the recipe. I have misplaced the recipe, but I did reach out to you because it seemed the oven degree was incorrect. I never heard back from you. Any chance of getting that recipe sent to me again so I can give your recipe another try. Thank You, I love the waterbath products.

    Linda Houck
  • Hello Cheryl, I just got my water bath n & used for the first time. It was great!!! Thank you so much!! Please get the 8 & 10 inch asap. Many blessings!!!!

    Stephanie Gilcrease

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