About Cheryl

Hello, My name is Cheryl, and I am a lover of cheesecakes!   Twelve years ago, when my marriage ended, with two sons to raise, I decided to supplement my Nursing career with a home bakery.  I named it "Cake Makes Everything Better" because I truly believe that!  I quickly knew that I was most passionate about baking cheesecakes and my list grew to 26 varieties that I offer to my customers!  I also knew that baking cheesecake in a water bath gives the very best result, but I couldn't afford the risk of a ruined cake from a leaky pan.  

So I knew my next adventure would be to create a solution!  I thought of how a piece of silicone wrapped around the pan would serve the purpose- it would be water proof and oven proof too.  So I researched many, many mold-injection silicone production companies in the USA, started working with one, and had a prototype made to my exact specifications. However, after many months of working together, much to my distress, it was determined that the cost to produce the Wraps here in the USA would be more expensive per unit than I could sell them for, so I had to pause, regroup and decide what to do.  I really felt that I had a good idea that could help bakers simplify the water bath method of baking....so I decided not to give up!

In fact, I decided to manufacture overseas at a more reasonable cost, did more research on how to get THAT done and eventually formed an alliance.  In the meantime I ran a successful Kickstarter campaign and raised $9500!!  I applied for a Patent. I managed to do all the "business" things necessary to start up a business, while working as a Nurse and a baker!  But for me, since I am in computer pre-school, starting a website was probably one of the most challenging things I've ever faced in my life!  I've battled breast cancer, divorce, teenage boy crabbiness ....none of that compares to what I call "technical terror"!   I even had to get on Facebook for the first time in my life!  But I managed it all, somehow!!  I am so pleased to say that I was granted a Patent on my product in 2018!!  So I hope you will enjoy using my Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap!  It has been a journey getting it here to you!       


P.S  As of October 2019..after so many requests for a 10" Wrap to fit 10" and 9.5" springform pans ...I'm so happy to say that I am now able to offer a 10" Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap as well!

P.S.S.  And as of 2022, I now offer a 7" Wrap that is specifically designed for baking in a pressure pot!  Of course it is also ideal for a 7", 6" or even tiny 4" pan for personal sized cheesecakes!  Give baking in a pressure pot a try- the cheesecake is delicious!

Thank you for your support & Happy Baking!