Water Bath Baking made easy


(even for yourself!)


No more tin foil!!

Cheesecakes baked using the Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap... YUM!

Cinnamon & Apple Cheesecake

This is a fabulous, easy recipe!  So great any time of the year.  Graham cracker crust, cinnamon and vanilla in the batter, cooked apples drizzled with caramel around the edge make it so irresistible!

Chocolate Lover's Cheesecake

Who doesn't love delicious decadent chocolate?  Chocolate graham crust, light chocolate-not too sweet-filling topped with swirls of dark chocolate and chocolate mousse!  Add strawberries if you like!  

Mocha Cheesecake

Coffee, Almond and whipping cream make this cheesecake so delightful to  one and all!  Whether a coffee lover or not!  The flavor is delightful, with a whipped cream topping to match!


Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap is manufactured by             Helpful Things LLC  -   by Cheryl O'Reilly,  a devoted cheesecake baker looking for a better way!                                                           Patented!


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