Brand NEW product: 7" Wrap for pressure cookers!

Lots of customers have been asking for an Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap for baking Cheesecake in an instapot...and I have finally manufactured it!  I now have eberything you will need on my website for baking/cooking in a pressure cooker!  I am offering the NEW 7" WRAP, also a 7" SPRINGFORM PAN, and also the SLING that is ideal for lowering and raising the set in and out of the pressure pot!

Think of your Insapot-baking friends, and let them know about this great new solution for baking in a pressure cooker!

Thanks and Happy Baking!!



  • Hi Cheryl, I ordered the 10" spring form pan, the wrap, and the 12" water bath on May 10th and paid for priority shipping. The package was scheduled for delivery on May 15th, but it still hasn’t arrived and the USPS tracking hasn’t shown any updates since the 16th. I’ve tried to reach out to USPS for help, but haven’t had any luck. I’m not sure that you can help, but I’m not sure what else to do. I’m really looking forward to receiving my order. Thanks, Krys

    Krys Thompson
  • Any chance of getting a silicone wrap for the 12 Ct mini- cheesecake pan? Please!!!!


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