Different size Wraps...

Hi all, Tina had noted that it would be great to have an 8" and 10" Wrap for different sized springform pans, and I truly agree!  I hope to get to the point where I have more injection molds made in different sizes for additional manufacturing!  I have had a request from a restaurant for the 10" size, and I REALLY wish I could fulfill that request, but not as of yet.

Thanks for your comment Tina, and for your kind words about your success with my Wrap!

Happy Baking!



  • It would be nice, if like other sites, if I can see the shipping on my cart (via just entering a zip) before filling out an entire form. It may be that the higher price on Amazon is cheaper with free shiiping etc.

  • My business is all about homemade Cheesecakes and I was sick and tired of water leaking through the tinfoil and routing like cheesecakes. I did a little research and found your product and bought it and I absolutely love it!! It is the best thing ever!!!! I am spreading the word!!
    Thanks- Tiffany Singer

    Tiffany Singer
  • I was just wondering if you sell to Canada?

    Kasandra Van Dhyke
  • This is such a wonderful idea, and I wish that you made one to fit my classic Williams-Sonoma Springform pan. These dimensions:
    9" diam. interior.
    10 3/4" diam. base overall.
    3 1/2" high.

    Just asking! Email me if you do.

    Margot C
  • I got myself these products for Christmas (cheesecake wrap and water bath) and love them! Cheesecake making so much easier and less clean up! Thanks so much! I love them!


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