Hi everyone!  

I'm not sure how I did it.......but I managed to delete my entire last post and comments ! :(

So I am starting anew with a mention of not only my 10" wrap being available since last October (that was in the deleted post) but now I also have GIFT CARDS available in $30, $45, $60 and $100 denominations! So if you don't know if your favorite baker uses a 9" or a 10"springform pan- send a gift card, let them choose for themselves! The nice thing for the recipient is that the gift card will cover shipping as well, so there will be no expense at all for the lucky baker in the gift-giver's life!

The gift card comes to the purchaser via email, which can then be forwarded via email to the intended with a nice note of course, OR can be printed out and included in a card or gift basket- be creative- as I know all of you are!!

Happy Baking!


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  • Hi Cheryl,
    After a long search on Google and Amazon, I finally discovered your products. I must say, I simply love them! This is exactly what I need for baking American style cheesecakes. I immediately wanted to order, but then discovered that shipping to Germany would be $ 60. (I wanted the 10 inch set). This is so sad… Would there be any other possibility to order your products? I discovered the wrap only on Amazon (and I ordered it 😊).
    All the best,


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