Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap - Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap
Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap  9"

Easy Bath Cheesecake Wrap 9"

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Reusable silicone wrap ideal for a 9" springform pan when baking in a traditional water bath.  8" & 8.5" pans will fit loosely, please note that 9" pans with a base piece extending BEYOND 9" diameter will NOT fit!  Recommend the 10" wrap with an inside diameter of 10.25".  Patented!
Also very useful when baking cheesecake without a waterbath, or any type of cake in a springform pan- simply to catch leaks, instead of allowing drippings to fall to the oven bottom making a smelly, smokey mess!
High grade, food safe silicone, oven proof to 475F, wash with soapy water, also dishwasher safe!  Better for the environment too, Aluminum foil is not biodegradable for 250 years!
I also include my "Secret Tips" and my Basic Cheesecake Recipe with every Wrap  YUM!

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