Different size Wraps...

Hi all, Tina had noted that it would be great to have an 8" and 10" Wrap for different sized springform pans, and I truly agree!  I hope to get to the point where I have more injection molds made in different sizes for additional manufacturing!  I have had a request from a restaurant for the 10" size, and I REALLY wish I could fulfill that request, but not as of yet.

Thanks for your comment Tina, and for your kind words about your success with my Wrap!

Happy Baking!



  • Echoing what others have written. I bake cheesecakes all the time and your 9" wrap is one of the best kitchen gadgets for making them ever. They are also great for covering cakes while they chill. However, I also make 4", 6", and 11" cakes. I would immediately buy an 11", two 6" and three 4" wraps if you make them. Thanks for making my life so much easier!

    Matt Carlin
  • I would love to see you make a 6 inch one. That way a could make use of my instant pot to make cheesecakes. I have seen some yummy sounding recipes for it, Thank you.

    Paula Cyphert
  • Would love to see a wrap to support 5 or 6 inch cheesecakes. I primarily produce 6 inch due to customer needs. Any thoughts when you might have something like this available? I produce more cheesecakes seasonally but I do go through a ton of aluminum foil in the months of Nov and Dec. for 300+ cheesecakes.


    Fritz Troxell
  • I also run a small bakery selling mostly cheesecakes. I LOVE your 9-inch wrap and use it any time I make a 7-, 8-, or 9-inch cheesecake. But I also make A LOT of 5 & 6 inch cheesecakes. Any plans to come out with a 6-inch wrap?!

    Rachel Mannon
  • Does the wrap have to actually be touching the sides of the springform pan? I have several different sizes of springform pans, 10" and smaller, with limited resources, could I use the largest size of wrap for all the sizes?

    Mary Kay

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