Different size Wraps...

Hi all, Tina had noted that it would be great to have an 8" and 10" Wrap for different sized springform pans, and I truly agree!  I hope to get to the point where I have more injection molds made in different sizes for additional manufacturing!  I have had a request from a restaurant for the 10" size, and I REALLY wish I could fulfill that request, but not as of yet.

Thanks for your comment Tina, and for your kind words about your success with my Wrap!

Happy Baking!



  • Yes indeed!! Please let me know when you have a wrap for 10 inch spring form pans!!!!

    Stephanie Gilcrease
  • Thank you for working on a product for a 10” springform pan. Please let us all know when you do. I’ll be first to order!

    Beth Barrett
  • I like cheese cake so if I wan’t one I would have to bake it myself. so going online I web site and boy does it make easy to make now. Now every body wants make cheese cake. thanks for the warp and the recipes. Thank You

    John J Eigner
  • This is an awesome idea!! Thank you for making my cheesecake life easier!!!


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