Different size Wraps...

Hi all, Tina had noted that it would be great to have an 8" and 10" Wrap for different sized springform pans, and I truly agree!  I hope to get to the point where I have more injection molds made in different sizes for additional manufacturing!  I have had a request from a restaurant for the 10" size, and I REALLY wish I could fulfill that request, but not as of yet.

Thanks for your comment Tina, and for your kind words about your success with my Wrap!

Happy Baking!



  • Would love to see a wrap to support 5 or 6 inch cheesecakes. I primarily produce 6 inch due to customer needs. Any thoughts when you might have something like this available? I produce more cheesecakes seasonally but I do go through a ton of aluminum foil in the months of Nov and Dec. for 300+ cheesecakes.


    Fritz Troxell
  • I also run a small bakery selling mostly cheesecakes. I LOVE your 9-inch wrap and use it any time I make a 7-, 8-, or 9-inch cheesecake. But I also make A LOT of 5 & 6 inch cheesecakes. Any plans to come out with a 6-inch wrap?!

    Rachel Mannon
  • Does the wrap have to actually be touching the sides of the springform pan? I have several different sizes of springform pans, 10" and smaller, with limited resources, could I use the largest size of wrap for all the sizes?

    Mary Kay
  • Any updates on the 10” size?

  • I only make cheesecakes in my pressure cooker, so I need a form that is smaller that will fit a 7 1/2 inch pan. I would greatly appreciate your looking into this size because there are a lot of us out there who use the pressure cooker to make her cheesecakes.
    Eva Weisberg

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