Different size Wraps...

Hi all, Tina had noted that it would be great to have an 8" and 10" Wrap for different sized springform pans, and I truly agree!  I hope to get to the point where I have more injection molds made in different sizes for additional manufacturing!  I have had a request from a restaurant for the 10" size, and I REALLY wish I could fulfill that request, but not as of yet.

Thanks for your comment Tina, and for your kind words about your success with my Wrap!

Happy Baking!



  • Any updates on the 10” size?

  • I only make cheesecakes in my pressure cooker, so I need a form that is smaller that will fit a 7 1/2 inch pan. I would greatly appreciate your looking into this size because there are a lot of us out there who use the pressure cooker to make her cheesecakes.
    Eva Weisberg
  • I would definitely buy your anticipated 10" wrap. My favorite amaretto cheesecake recipe is made in a 10" pan. I noticed you mentioned August on your website — I’ll check back, unless this will put me on your mailing list to receive notification of the 10" wrap.

    Anthony Benedetto
  • I love baking cheesecakes and have many springform pans in different sizes. For some reason after using these pans over and over again they tend to leak and your cheesecake wrap would be a great help. I like some of the other commenters would love to get one in a 10" size. I tend to use my 10" pan so I have a larger cake in the end so I’m hoping that you will make this in that bigger size. Since I’m not the only one that is asking for this I’m hoping you will realize that there is a real market for it. Thanks so much.

    Fern Reinstein
  • Hi… i purchased your easy bath in amazon, i did not noticed the recipe you included. Also i want to learn few of your 26 kind cheesecake. would you be able to share some of them to us. .after reading “about Cheryl” am motivated to pursue my love of baking CK and sell to friends. by the way am a nurse too. thank you… or you can email the cheesecake recipe to me. thank you.


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